Staff Engineer – Mechanical

We are currently looking for Staff Mechanical Engineers with the following qualifications and experience:

  • Motivated and flexible

  • Can demonstrate an ability to solve problems quickly and creatively under different conditions

  • Desire to work cross-functionally with other groups

  • Willing to learn to work with overseas partners

  • Hands-on with prototyping experience

  • Interested in mass production manufacturing

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively and efficiently communicate with customers, vendors, and other cross-functional groups

  • BS/MS degree in Mechanical Engineering or related technical field

Job Description

As a Staff Mechanical Engineer, you will be proving out risky parts of a design before releasing them to manufacturing. Using CAD, you will design parts using mass production materials and processes, create 2D drawings, generate MCOs (mechanical component outlines) of PCBs and FPCs for the electrical engineers, and review fixture designs. The job will also include travel (usually overseas) to work with suppliers, oversee and troubleshoot problems at builds, check fixtures, root cause failures, and work with reliability teams overseas to ensure the design can meet the specifications set forth.

Please list what CAD packages you are familiar with, years of experience, and level of expertise. Please also include any other skills (e.g. structural FEA, spring analysis, thermal analysis, class A surfacing, master model creation, 3D printer experience, CNC experience, experience with specialized measurement tools).