We help to develop a comprehensive hardware system architecture that meets product requirements, including driving the appropriate technology, supplier, and component selections.


At Gossamer Engineering, We work to help design, integrate, and validate the system to ensure that the functional, performance and quality metrics are met.


We work with trusted Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), and help to ensure that our designs can transition to volume production on time and within budget.



Our team of system architects assists clients in developing a comprehensive hardware system architecture. We work with the client to get to the heart of the system, using the product requirements as our guide to help define the engineering blocks. This includes helping to drive technology, supplier and component selections and to make the appropriate program trade-offs.


Our team of Electrical Engineers works on all aspects of the PCBA design. We work cross-functionally for optimal components placement, schematics capture, and routing. Through rigorous design reviews and close collaboration with the fabrication vendors, we help mitigate any Design for Manufacturability (Dfm) related issues. In addition, our team also drives the board to bring ups, and design validations at every phase of the development process. We ensure product transitions to mass production with the right manufacturing test coverage and yields.


We work closely with the Industrial Design (ID) intent to validate feasibility, and all aspects mechanical engineering processes. This includes 3D surfacing, detailed part design, and design drawings. We survey, audit, and help clients select the suitable materials, suppliers, and processes. Working in partnership with the suppliers in tool design, we review and ensure successful bring ups of first parts. We take responsibility for the system assembly at the ODM to drive the necessary operating processes for mass production at scale.


We help clients develop the low-level SW drivers and support packages for the Hardware Design. Our team are experts in Android, Linux, RTOS, and embedded OS development capabilities. We work to ensure a seamless integration with the hardware.


We work cross-functionally to ensure appropriate and specific test plans are developed. We ensure engineering design validation and characterization are done at each phase of the development process. We also help to debug, failure analysis, fix and retest any issues found.


We provide a comprehensive Program management support to ensure product development happens on time and within budget. We work closely with the clients and the ODM on appropriate risk mitigation steps, communication, and escalations to ensure that deliverables are on track.


 We are a full service, vertically integrated, system design company offering Electrical, Mechanical, and Software design services and Program Management. At Gossamer, we not only architect and design solutions, we ensure that they are designed for manufacturability, cost and serviceability.

We are  passionate problem-solvers, who love pushing the innovation envelope and work with established industry leaders and startups in delivering breakthrough and advanced consumer products to market.  

Through years of experience, Gossamer has also built strategic engagements  with top tier Original Design Manufacturers in Asia and with technology partners in the US that enables a seamless transition from concept to product and then to production on time and within budget.